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A clear filtration solution can be difficult and time consuming. Our engineers will
thoroughly examine your system, performing many of our laboratory tests on site
using portable test equipment.

We take the time to identify the sources, volume, and nature of your contaminants.
Our objective is to optimize filter performance by assisting you with filter media
selection, filter media design, and identification of alternative solutions to your
filtration problems.

Fluid Analysis

Crystal Filtration's laboratory in Rochester, Michigan has analyzed liquid contamination
for many diverse companies including BASF, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation and Seatec Corporation. Our laboratory services include contamination analysis, particle size distribution, filter media analysis, identification and performance testing. We have developed customized test procedures which can predict plant performance to assist in product development.


Crystal Filtration offers complete warehousing and distribution services to provide next
day shipments of finished products in small quantities. We lease space at warehouses
in strategic locations around the world in addition to our main warehouse at corporate headquarters in Michigan.

Filter Media Testing

In addition to standardized physical tests, such as basis weight and caliper Crystal Filtration has developed challenge tests which predict filter media performance in actual applications. These tests simplify filter media selection for specific applications and helps insure the right product is supplied the first time.

Filter Media Design

Crystal Filtration holds patents for many of our products and is constantly working to develop better, lower cost solutions to a variety of filtration needs. Five new products have been introduced in the past year. Contact us for details on solutions so new they are not included on this website.

Manufacturing & Converting

Crystal Filtration offers slitting, packaging and laminating services. Our state of the art ultrasonic laminator provides us with total control over laminating quality while providing unique products made by combining the best characteristics of different materials to make entirely new constructions.


With warehouses in Germany, Mexico and the United States we have the products you need where you need them.